Canon Future of Work

Exploring Australia’s readiness to embrace tomorrow’s workplace.


The working world is changing at a rapid pace. From developing technologies, globalisation and evolving demographics to the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on the human workforce. It's no surprise there’s plenty of noise around 'the future of work'.

How do we help Canon Business stand out in this saturated subject?

We engaged writer, broadcaster and academic, Dr Sunil Badami, to undertake an investigation of work and employment today, and what the future of work might be tomorrow.

Research surveyed more than 350 government, industry and think tank whitepapers, as well as specialist and general media reports about the current state of employment and work in Australia, and predictions for the future of work around the world. 414 senior leaders, business owners and 203 employees of Australian businesses were also quizzed about their feelings around work, job security, career fulfilment and workplace culture.

Our panel of interview participants included business and trade union leaders, innovation strategists and start-up entrepreneurs, recruitment and training consultants, academics, commentators and thought leaders.

To capture this content we compiled a visually engaging 68 page whitepaper. This carefully curated report felt as fresh as the ideas and issues it communicated.

By positioning Canon as an industry thought-leader and creating a forum that sparked conversation and explored the topic, we were able to contribute true value and insight to the subject.


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